SG-Bread-3Bakels Research technologists have been busy working on advanced bread improver technology and after extensive research and baking trials the Quantum leap in innovation for bread improvers has arrived.

The essence of the Quantum breakthrough is new ways of using traditional ingredients for greater water absorption in doughs with minimal additives resulting in softer doughs that are easy to handle and process. - offering the consumer a far softer crumb and the baker improved yield.

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Bakels Low GI Multiseed Bread Mix

SG-BreadAll carbohydrate foods are not created the same. Glycaemic Index, or GI, is based on 25 years of research and ranks carbohydrates according to their impact on blood glucose levels. Many scientists agree that a diet containing low GI foods contributes towards a number of positive health factors including:

  • Reducing the risk of developing or helping to manage, type II diabetes.
  • Reducing calorie intake by promoting satiety of the feeling of being "full" after eating.

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Frozen for Convenience

MuffinsThe increasing popularity of frozen, ready-to-bake products is due to several benefits they offer.

Ultimate convenience - take directly from freezer and bake-off as required. Individual items pre-prepared avoid all make up and weighing. They can be made by unskilled labour at low labour cost. Wastage is eliminated since stock can be baked as demand dictates.

Bakels manufacture a wide range of frozen muffins, rock cake batters, cookies, mini-mud cakes and sticky date puddings, all ideally suited to the retail baker.

Hot-baked Bread

Baked-breadFrozen or retarded doughs allow the baker to pre-prepare during quiet times, to store at 4ÂșC and to bake-off at times of peak customer demand. Freshly baked hot bread can then be available as required and nothing sells as well or attracts as much attention.

Conventional bread improvers will work in these processes however for the very best quality baked products, specialised improvers are recommended. Bakels frozen dough 1% improver is designed to provide the added processing tolerance required when using either frozen or retarded doughs.

Kokomix - one of our best sellers

Kokomix is one of the signature products of the Bakels Group and over the years it has been supported by a large number of recipe ideas. Coconut slices, macaroons and fruit tarts can be made with an almost endless array of inclusions.

KokomixKokomix is a complete mix to which only water needs to be added.

Pictured are some of the more popular finished products. They are usually eaten as a light snack with tea of coffee. Full recipe details are available from your Bakels representative.